New Work 2018

Featuring Liyen Chong, Emily Wolfe, Liz Maw & Yvonne Todd at Melanie Roger Gallery, Auckland, July 2018.

From gallery press release: Houston-based LIYEN CHONG’s new work shows a significant and exciting stylistic shift in the artist’s practice while still continuing her exploration into colour, now in the medium of painting. Imagery and captions are sourced from a children’s encyclopedia published in the UK in the 1950s that she came across several years ago. In these paintings, she says, “I’m separating image from naturalistic colour as a way of protesting the visual world and proposing a different kind of perception, one that is mediated by colour.” Included in this show is a series of paintings of a tigrillo (a.k.a. tiger cat) in different colors. “By painting the original image in an upside down orientation, I’m forcing myself to respond to the formal qualities and practicing a certain kind of abstraction, skimming the line between formalism and conceptualism.” It also coincides with an exhibition of previous work “She watched her wings fly, her mouth shut, her feet run” by Chong at the Wallace Trust Gallery opening 24 July and running till 16 September.

To enquire about these works, please go to Melanie Roger Gallery (opens link in a new tab/window)